Privacy statement

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser when you visit a website. Information is stored in this text file. This information can be recognized again by a website on a later visit. Sometimes another website can also read the cookie and store information in it.

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Which cookies are used and why?

This website uses functional cookies. These cookies are used to keep track of login sessions and any settings. Embedded YouTube videos on our website use the YouTube privacy mode. These privacy modes ensure that no cookies are stored that enable profiling for, for example, advertising, unless the play button is pressed.

What data is collected and why?

Analytical data is collected through the open-source project Matomo. This service does not use cookies or personal information such as full IP addresses. This analytical data is only used to gain insight into the behavior of our visitors so that we can improve our website. If you do not wish to participate in the GDPR/AVG compliant data collection, please activate the Do Not Track option in your browser. When this option is enabled in your browser, Matomo will not be active on this website. Contact details provided via our contact page are only used for correspondence, whereby a (first) name and email address are required to provide. We also ask a region without obligation to put someone in touch with a Zeitgeist member from the same region. System logs such as from the web server are kept for administrative purposes and do not contain full IP addresses after 24 hours.

Where is data collected?

We manage our website, email and Matomo (web analyses) ourselves in the Netherlands. The analytical, contact and log data do not leave the EU and are not provided to third parties. However, we are legally obliged to hand over information if this is required by the authorities when a crime is suspected.

How long is data stored?

Our functional cookies are stored in your browser for 12 months and you can delete them manually if desired. We store our analytical data that we collect with Matomo for 12 months. We keep contact details and messages provided via our contact page for 90 days on our server. Every day backups are made of our server which are deleted after 30 days. Web server logs are not stored for more than 12 months. We keep version control of our website texts and configuration via a private git repository at GitLab, personal data is excluded from this.